FIDIC 2010 ‘pink book’ – Delayed Payments to Contractor

What can Contractors do if payments are delayed by the Employer under a FIDIC ‘pink book’ contract? (FIDIC ‘pink book’ means FIDIC 2010 MDB Conditions of Contract for Construction for building and engineering works designed by the Employer) What are the timelines, notice periods and other requirements for Contractors to address and claim late payments […]

FIDIC 2010 ‘pink book’ – Contractor’s Issues with Interim Payments

In an infrastructure construction project that shall remain confidential, the main Contractor and the Engineer disagreed about the format and contents of applications for Interim Payment under GCC 14.3 of the 2010 FIDIC pink book. They also disagreed if the Engineer could withhold all interim payments under GCC 14.6, when some supporting records were missing […]


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